FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Emitro is an online marketplace that allows people to buy and sell just about anything to each other over the internet. Basically, we are like eBay. Members can list just about any kinds of products for sale through auctions and fixed-priced store listings and other people can buy them or make offers on them. To read more about us, please visit our About Us page.
Emitro is a 100% free marketplace with no fees of any kind, including listing, registration, monthly, nor commission fees. You may be saying that nothing in life is free, what is the catch? Honestly, there is no catch. Emitro earns it's revenue, incomes and profits solely through advertising revenues from 3rd party sources and sponsors. Advertisements placed throughout the site are more than sufficient to cover all overhead costs of Emitro and produce strong revenues. The more traffic we get, the more revenue we get through advertisements. With our marketplace being 100% free, we believe it will be easier to produce more traffic and potential buyers - which ultimately works out well for active sellers on Emitro.
The best way to report security issues, bugs, glitches and malware, Contact Us via our form or by email. We greatly appreciate your help in reporting these unknown issues so we can fix them as soon as possible and make Emitro more secure for everyone.
To contact UniSquare support, please visit our Contact Page to fill out the contact form and submit a message to us. Likewise, you can also email us directly at: contact@Emitro.com.
Emitro uses both Cookies and Sessions in order to track users and provide convenient user experience throughout our site We will explain below what these are and how we use them.

Browser Cookies - A cookie is a tiny file that is sent from a website to your internet browser, and ultimately stored on your computer. A cookie stays in your browser whether you are viewing emitro or another site. Your browser can be configured to accept or reject cookies.

Sessions - These are very similar to cookies, but they are saved on the web server rather than on your computer. Sessions need to be renewed after a short time as well.

Purposes on Emitro - At the moment, we mostly only use sessions so the data is stored on our web servers. This is also safer since cookies on a browser can be manipulated while sessions cannot. Basically, the sessions keep track of who's who when you are logged in and browsing the site. It saves a small bit of data such as whether you like viewing item listings in a grid layout or listing layouts. It also saves other useful data such as what items you have in your shopping cart. We save the data in your sessions so you can log in at a later time and your items are all still in your shopping cart and the site is left the way it was when you last logged off.

We do use cookies by default as well. The only time we use it is when you log in. Emitro sends a very small cookie to your browser with your username data. Since sessions expire only after about an hour, this cookie will allow you to be logged in constantly. Also, you can return to Emitro hours or days later and not have to keep logging back in again - The cookie will log you in automatically. This is a high convenience feature. To delete this cookie, simply click the "Sign Out" button on Emitro, which will log you out permanently and remove the cookie until you log in again in the future. You can also clear cookies from your browser and this will do the trick as well.

This depends on the seller's shipping policies. Some sellers will not allow international buyers and some will gladly accept it. If the seller does not accept international purchases, it is recommended that you contact them first before buying an item, and ask if they would be willing to make an exception. Usually, this is going to add more costs to the order..